Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about Furniture Repair, Refinishing and Restoration along with other general questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to answer any other questions you may have.

Q: Can old furniture be totally restored?
A: Yes, the complete restoration of old antique furniture as seen here can be accomplished. The procedure is to tear off all old upholstery to allow for complete inspection of furniture structural framework. All necessary repairs to framework including reinforcing and rebuilding are done at this time.

Q: Can loose and or broken chairs be repaired as strong as if new?
A: Yes, the many examples of chair repairs shown here illustrate various chairs undergoing repair.

Q: Can Chairs be re-caned to match original colors and weave?
A: Yes, Caning weaves are available in many different patterns of raw cane that we finish with great attention to detail and craftsmanship. Our personal consultation will answer and clarify any other canning or rushing questions you may have.

Q: My dining room table was damaged during my recent move can this be repaired?
A: Yes. This usually involves the rebuilding of furniture, joinery, broken parts, damaged finishes, and the reinforcing of structural components.

Q: What type of repair work do you specialize in?
A: Generally, if something is broken we can fix it. This includes; mirrors, drawers, cabinet doors, lamps, marble, ceramics, kitchen cabinets and hardware locks, casters, hinges, dining room table extension sliders, missing carved pieces.  Please feel free to call with questions or for more information.

Q: I have inherited my grandmother’s antique rocking chair. Can the fabric be replaced and the chair restored to the memory I have of it?
A: Yes, Reupholstery “as it should be done” on keepsake antiques can be completed. We can preserve the family history of ownership. We will maintain the original configuration and appearance consistent with the age of the furniture.

Q: What is wood furniture veneer and can it be repaired?
A: Wood furniture veneer is a thin layer of beautiful wood grain glued tightly to wood that has different properties. Very fine dining room tables and cabinetry are constructed with wood veneers. They can be repaired and the patina of the adjacent wood will be matched by custom blended color combined with French Polishing techniques.